Cleaning Products

Supermarket brands typically contain harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, petroleum distillates, formaldehyde, and phenols, all of which are extremely irritating to your skin, eyes, and lungs. When you use Green Clean, you are eliminating a major source of toxic substances in your own home or office, and you are reducing the amount of toxic waste that enters the environment.

Green Clean uses only safe, effective, environmentally friendly products derived from natural plant or mineral sources. Some natural ingredients found in the products we use are: Citrus-based cleaners, vegetable oil soap, and Australian Tea Tree Oil. All of them are absolutely safe and will not cause harm to people, pets, or the environment.

We proudly feature EnviroNaturals® non-toxic cleaning products. In addition, we supplement our cleaning arsenal with eco-friendly products from other environmentally aware manufacturers.
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