Gift Certificates

Surprise the special people in your life with something they'll really appreciate . . . a Gift Certificate from Green Clean! They're great for holiday gifts, birthdays, and special occasions.

Click on the image below to view a sample of our gift certificate:

Each Gift of Cleaning Service Includes:

• Green Glove™ Initial Cleaning Service •
• An Onsite Consultation •
• Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies •
• 8.875% NYC Sales Tax •
(Availability limited to certain areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.)

Use the table below to help in choosing the amount of your gift:

Gift Certificate Denominations
4.0 hours $195.00 (Studio / Small 1 bedroom apt.)
5.0 hours $241.00 (Medium 1 bedroom apt.)
6.0 hours $282.00 (Large 1 bedroom apt.)
7.0 hours $322.00 (Small 2 bedroom apt.)
8.0 hours $363.00 (Medium 2 bedroom apt.)
9.0 hours $404.00 (Large 2 bedroom apt.)
10.0 hours $455.00 (Small 3 bedroom apt.)
11.0 hours $495.00 (Medium 3 bedroom apt.)
12.0 hours $536.00 (Large 3 bedroom apt.)

Don't let the cost estimates in the above table frighten you! If the recipient of your gift has a two-bedroom apartment, but your budget only allows for five hours of cleaning, call us . . . we'll design a cleaning plan to take care of the areas that are most important to the recipient while still staying within your budget.

Once you've made your decision, here's all you need to do:
  1. Click on the radio button next to the number of hours of cleaning to be included in your gift. (Dollar amounts are listed in the table above.)
  2. Enter your contact information, including telephone number, in the "Donor" section of the form.
  3. Complete the contact/mailing information for the recipient of your gift in the "Recipient" area of the form. If you would like to present the gift certificate in person, just enter your own mailing address, and we'll send the certificate directly to you.
  4. Click in the box next to any additional service(s) that you would like to include with your gift. You may select as many or as few as you wish.
  5. Click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to email the form to Green Clean.
Please be careful when filling in your information so that we will be able to contact you to complete your gift certificate order.
Donor Information
Fields marked with an * are required
Recipient Information
Please select the amount of your gift:
4 hours
5 hours
6 hours
7 hours
8 hours
9 hours
10 hours
11 hours
12 hours

Additional services:
Include HEPA Vacuum Service
- ADD $45.00
Include Green Glove™ Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning
- ADD $45.00
Want to give a complete cleaning, but you're not sure how many hours will be enough? Just leave it to us! Check below:
Whatever It Takes!
We'll do an onsite estimate and then let you know exactly what the cost will be.

Questions? Call us for details.

  • You will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation of your request shortly.
  • We will then contact you by telephone in order to answer any questions you may have and also to obtain your credit card information.
  • Upon approval of your credit card transaction, we'll print out and mail the gift certificate in the amount you have chosen, either to the recipient or to yourself. An announcement and complete instructions are printed directly on the gift certificate.
  • Please let us know if you would like to keep the dollar amount of your gift confidential. If that's the case, we'll enter
    "It's a secret!" in the "Value" field on the certificate.
  • If you requested that we send the gift certificate directly to the recipient, we'll follow up with a phone call and make all the necessary arrangements with them.
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